Notable Organizations Umar

The Great Lords
Each is trusted to manage portions of the empire in the name of the emperor and create lords beneath them for the same purpose. Now days these hereditary positions are in contest with each other and the imperial throne for power. While there used to be other great lords who managed civil and military things for the emperor the only lineages left are those associated with each of the remaining great cities. Each City has a governing great lord and in each city the position has its own specific title and some unique responsibilities. These great lords sit just beneath the emperor in power, and once were the only secular powers in the lands.

The Blood
The term for the nobility who are put in place by the Great Lords. They are not as numerous as they once were with the merchant class growing stronger, and many historic families destroyed or impoverished in the deluge. Many of the merchant class are looking to the Great Lords to advance them, but very few such appointments have occurred. They are entitled to many benefits from the law and the church, and are responsible for supporting the military and maintaining the law.

The Guilds
A growing power in this era, these organizations have their claws invested all throughout the empire many of the blood are in their pocket and support them politically in return for financial dependence, though some chapter-houses and possibly entire guilds have been know to serve or have at least been maneuvered by some of the great lords.

The Church
Rich in money and expansive in holdings, this structure holds up the Blood and the Law of the realm. The Priesthood is currently much divided betweenThe Loyalists and The Reclaimers, but either way this group still has power, and even a many of low birth can come to a high standing in its ranks, though it is still under the ultimate authority of the Emperor.

Notable Organizations Umar

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