Called either Immaculates or the Brotherhood, properly addressed as the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Dawn

Their device is a Golden Gavel

These men make up the most numerous avowed order, they travel and see to the laws of the land acting as inspectors, judges, and executioners.

They almost always wear white and gold and often travel in groups, accompanied by a small troop of men (10-20), both soldiers and clerks. Most lesser cities host around 10-30 Brothers, with the larger cities retaining the services of 100 or more. While many more brothers travel the land bringing law to the rural and more feudal areas. These numbers are only just now recovering as a great many of this order were lost in the Deluge and its aftermath.

While it only takes one Brother to convict any unblooded man, those who hold rank/tittle in the Church and those who are of the Blood requires three Brothers to deliberate and adjudicate.

They generally deal with imperial law that is universal in its application to the empire (though members of The Blood have a different code of laws). Though they may delegate some power to local magistrates or lords, only their execution of the law is binding.

They are backed financially by the church, and have powers superseding all governance (though not current laws) except that of the Imperial Line.


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