Blood Magic

This now forbidden art, was once the core of Umarian magical might. But after the second emperor’s creation of the Sovengers it has been forbidden and lost. Though occasional practioners still appear in limited cabals, and rumors of survivors of the second emperor’s purge have never completely gone away. This is an art whose time has mostly past, though something about its ties to the Maarish people and the followers of Umar have kept it around and may one day restore this mostly lost art.

Blood Magic Feat Tree:
Ritual Mastery Feat Description
1 Blood Magic You may bleed / sacrifice victims for +1d6 temp HP, or +1d6 to a single physical stat based check (str, dex, con), this takes two full round action in which the victim is not resisting (methods vary), often hearts are cut out and blood drained (methods also vary)
2 Blood Magic Gain Blood Pool (max 10 + 1/2 level) you can bleed / sacrifice victims for tokens (see chat below), these can be spent at any time for the same purposes, this pool expires every time you rest. You may spend no more tokens each action than half your level, You also gain a tell whenever you have a point in your pool (see below)
3 Blood Magic Any kill made in combat may add tokens to your blood pool (at one less than the normal rate), You also gain a +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution as long as there is at least 1 token in your blood pool
4 Blood Magic Cannibalism/Consumption, you may gain a specific memory or secret by sacrificing a person who knows it and eating their heart, make a concentration check, DC their final Will Save. You may use their modifiers on a single skill as long a this person is the last thing you ate, once you eat something else this power expires. (this can also be used as instruction in a language or feat when leveling) This takes at least one hour of preparation before the kill and similar length ritual meditation after. you Do not gain token from such kills
5 Blood Magic HP gains are no longer temporary
6 Blood Magic Gain a +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution as long as there is at least 1 token in your blood pool (stacks with Blood Magic 3), You also gain the ability to burn off your entire blood pool (minimum 2 tokens) to recover from fatigue/exhaustion/anything else on they condition track, as if you were well rested, This ability may only be used if you have actually rested since the ability’s last use
7 Blood Magic You take on a Deathless state, you must spend one blood point each time you rest and need to recover reserve points, if you have no blood point to spend you regain no reserve points and cannot rest (nor gain any other benefits from resting), you no longer age and cannot die (can still be incapacitated, and taken below negative CON score and destroyed, but you stabilize automatically), other peoples sacrifices in your name can grant you blood tokens, at half the normal rate
8 Blood Magic Bloodline attunement, once per day (free action) you may gain a blood pool token as long as you have living decedents, if you do this one of you decedents regains no reserve points the next time they rest, you may do this a second time per day, but if you do so one of your descendants will die
9 Blood Magic Gain a +4 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution as long as there is at least 1 token in your blood pool (stacks with Blood Magic 3&6)
10 Blood Magic You Gain fast Healing X, where X is the number of tokens in your blood pool divided by five, round up, does not work if their are no tokens in your blood pool.

Bleed Out = take down to -1HP
Sacrifice = Kill
Rewards are always for sentient life, animals and the like never give a reward more than 1 point, no matter the circumstances.

Sacrifice Blood Points Gained
Large Animal, or Bled out Human 1
Common Human 2
Blooded Human 3
Ancient Noble Bloodline 4
Grey Blooded No points

Blood Pool as long as there is at least one token in your blood pool, you have your tell showing, You may gain additional temporary Tells due to botches on rituals. Anytime you gain a new blood magic feat roll a d20 on a 1 gain an additional permanent tell effect.

Chance, D10 Tells
1 the whites of your eyes fill with blood
2 You constantly bleed through eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and nails.
3 Your shadow is en-flamed
4 Animals fear you, dogs bark, cats scream, horses sweat, squirrels throw nuts etc.
5 You always smell of blood and metal
6 Your blood sprouts into flowers and plants when it touches the ground
7 Scars appear across your flesh, looking different each manifestation
8 Your skin is flushed with heat and is uncomfortable to touch
9 You leave tracks of mostly dried blood on any clear surface
10 Your skin burns those you touch (1 point of damage) this causes them to age 1 year each touch

Blood Magic

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