The Imperial Religion

The Imperial Religion is dominant religion of the Empire. Each deity’s priesthood has a specific High Priest with Umar’s High Priest presiding over the other with the additional tittle; Heirophant. The Heirophant technically serves as an adviser to the Emperor on spiritual matters, but is outranked by the Emperor in the Church (though this has not come up much since the founding of the church). The church reveres members of The Blood (since they are descended from the gods) and makes sure they receive a special treatment.

Each God/Goddess has agents in the mortal realm, mostly priests/priestesses, but also sometimes Avatars that the Gods empower for specific purposes.

Pantheon Members

Umar Ruler of the pantheon, and their conquering god.
Titles: The Godking, The Marshal of the Heavens, The Conqueror of the Horizon, The Blood Burner .
Dominions: Lordship, Empire, Conquest, Coin (Umarian Gold), Blood Magic (heretical)
Symbols: A six spire’d crown with a large central spike, A Red Monolith, A Red Coin, A Red Banner.
History: Killed his own Father and forge his remains into the very first Bloodsteel, the sole surviving God of the Maarish people when they migrated north.

Chor’a’Rai The two aspected water god,
Chor’ is the male salt and death aspect and ’Rai the fresh female life aspect

Titles: The Wave-Warden, The Two-That-Are-One, The Kraken-Beard, The Pregnant Waters, The Fin-Crown
Dominions: Saltwater, Freshwater, Death, Life, Prosperity, Secrets
Symbols: A Kraken-Crayfish. An Ornate Shell, A Coral Crown, A Skull with a Clam for a Tongue.
History: Father of Sharten & Rashnet when he stole knowledge from Tisha, also Father of the Four Winds with Hyperion. The most unruly of the subjugated Gods.

Kraton Centaur War and Travel god
Titles: The Horse Lord, The Bloodied Spur, The Lance of Demons
Dominions: War, Travel, Horses, Freedom, Liberation, Exorcism
Symbols: A Spear and Horseshoe, A Horse-headed Man with a Spear, A Black Stallion
History: Killed the proto-god that the proto veronians worshiped and has been warring with its demon remnants ever since. he ran down the four winds and made them his brides.

Thrane God of Death and of Passage, both travel in this world and travel to the next
Titles: The Master of Keys, The Soul Keep, Figure in The Door
Dominions: Death, Dreams, Sleep, Travel.
Symbols: A Key, A Green Door, An Eye Within An Eye.
History: the Eldest known God. Backed Umar’s conquest and subjugation of the other Gods. Guards the Afterlife and is the only know entity to destory a God and leave behind no Demons.

Tisha Goddess of Beauty, Crafting, and Intellectualism
Titles: The Lady of High Places, The Architect of the Heavens, The Lyre-maker.
Dominions: Crafting, Cities, Building and Architecture, Civilization, Music.
Symbols: A Tower, A Stringed Instrument, A Blue Hammer
History: Mother of Sharten & Rashnet when Chor’a’Rai stole knowledge from her. She is the giver of Knowledge to Man, in exchange for service, known for using up her followers.

Heono God of light, fire, vision, justice, and the sun
Titles: The Sun Ascendant, The Justicar of the Heavens, The Law-Holder, The Unconquered Verdict .
Dominions: Justice, Law, Sun, Fire, Vision
Symbols: A Sunburst, A Gavel, A Golden Key, A Crossed Pair of Golden Scrolls.
History: Dutiful husband to Rashnet, was once seduced by her twin sister Sharten and that union produced Dragons as well as some of the other great monstrosities of the world.

Sharten Goddess of Wives, the Moon
Titles: The Silver Lady,
Dominions: Moon, Light, Gardens, Rainbows
Symbols: Silver Cresent
History: Dutiful wife of Heono, Daughter of Chor’a’Rai and Tisha

The Four Winds Goddess of Wind, the Seasons and the four Directions
Dominions: Seasons, Winds, Freedom
Symbols: varied
History: Born of a Union of Hyperion with Chor’a’Raithese ladies raomed the world and none could catch them until Kraton ran them all down and made them his wives.

Forbidden // Forgotten Gods
The three great heresies

Rashnet Goddess of Perversion, Fertility
Titles: The Mother of Monsters, The Black Moon
Dominions: New Moons, Pregnancy, Abominations, Monsters, Perversions
Symbols: A Black Disk, Claw inside a Womb
History: Seducer of her sister’s husband Heono to use his seed to create Dragons as well as some of the other great monstrosities of the world. A goddess Banished from the Pantheon, only worshiped in secret cults and by monstrosities in the wilds.

Thuul God of Devouring, Coveting, Theft, & Destruction
Titles: The Maw, the thirsty one
Dominions: Thieves, Vandals, Destruction, Loss
Symbols: Black hand
History: Ancient God who cannot be appeased, worshipers only seek to redirect his attention from them selves considering his woes inevitable.

Kapokal Sleeping God of Madness, Nightmares, Prophecy, & The End Times
Titles: The Baleful Sleeper, the Builder of Nightmares, the Breaker of Days
Dominions: Apocalypse, Madness, Prophecy, Nightmares/Dreams
Symbols: Broken Circle, Multicolored Spiral
History: A god set on destroying the world, he was put to sleep by Thrane in the first days of the world when he wanted to remake it anew, this Deity slumbers its nightmares creeping into the world to do its will .

the fallen

Hyperion God of Storm and Wind, Thunder and Earthquake
Titles: Sky Hammer
Dominions: Thunder, Wind, Weather,
Symbols: Lightning Bolt
History: Forgotten/Fallen God imprisoned by Chor’a;Rai

History of the Imperial Religion, Aspects of the Gods

The Imperial Religion

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