Religious Factions

The Imperial Religion / The Loyalists and The Reclaimers
The dominant religion of the Empire. A Henothestic pantheon formed in 1 AU as a result of the Maar’s conquest. Each deity’s priesthood is fluid with the others though each has a specific High Priest. Umar’s High Priest presides over decisions an has the additional tittle; Heirophant. The Heirophant technically serves as an adviser to the Emperor on spiritual matters, and is outranked by the Emperor in the Church though this has not come up much since the founding of the church. The religion is currently split along The Loyalists and The Reclaimers sects.

Divine Positions Ways of being connected to a God/Goddess

The Hands of Old Geth
Sanctioned Ancestor Worship of the Gethenomie peoples, some darker branches exist revering necromancy and darker arts, but these are unsanctioned by the Empire.

  • Cult of Jathoon one specific ancestor cult that is quite dangerous and is responsible for some political assassinations and necromantic uprisings.

The Delusionist Heresy
A misunderstood philosophy that focuses on understanding that denies the power of the gods, has potent water mages and is making other powers take notice.

Religious Factions

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