Lesser Cities

Kos A settlement sworn to Aru, at the mouth of the Amid River a small port that bring in more strange item for a port its size than any other dues to its ties to the library.

Ankon A port at the base of the River of Souls, control much of the trade to Geth to whom it is sworn. The Majority of the realms Naval Power is stationed here when not at see, and it has some of the best drydocks in the world.

Pixous Far up the river from Geth this farming center yields a huge crop that travels down the river to the grand city. the city has problems with boarder raids from the Icewalkers from time to time, but rarely has trouble dealing with them.

Paros This small city has grown at the end of the great road that once lead between Thrane and Krate, but now gives Krate access to the sea lanes of Thrane’s Tear. Sworn to Krate, and ruled with an iron fist by the Patriarch’s grandson.

Tanagra A farming and military outpost hub in the north-most dominion of Krate. Known for some of the best horses in the realm, and being the furthest place from civilization inside the realm.

Sidon Technically independent of any of the great houses, it is a new farming center and growing power. It’s rulers have been paying off Krate quietly, and leveraging this with connections to Mesembria and mumbling about independence.

Mesembria The only city truly independent of the great houses. Rich in trade, and on the verge of becoming a great city in its own right, but it has no single ruling house, and is lead but a triumvirate of house each of which want to eliminate its rivals. Should one of them gain preeminence and favor they could become a new line of great lords.

Eubea The trade hub of Lithumbria to the west, tightly controlled, and steadily growing. a hub for military matters both related to Verona and Krate.

Lato The trade hub of Lithumbria to the east, tightly controlled, and steadily growing
rich as regards pilgrims headed to the whirlpool over Umer. It is in some ways the new center of power for the church, mostly the Loyalist contingent and The Delusionist Heresy. Who have raised new temples and send pilgrims to the whirlpool all of the time.

Lesser Cities

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