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The light of the East, the Salted City

Prosperity, Protection, Punishment

The Light of the East, The Salted City. The Southeastern most city, Mercantile capital of the realm due to its connections with the east, home to dominant money trading guild The Mercers. Strongly influenced by the eastern way of life, The core of the churches legal power comes from the Brotherhood who have their main training temple here.

Originally named He’on by the Maar, the city of Heon was built near its cultural predecessor Heosmadad following imperial conquest.

Heon is the only city in the empire currently ruled by a woman, the Calipha, Shergal Heon

List of Notable Figures in Heon

There is open and often great debate over this city possibly leaving the Empire, due to their cultural distance, and ties to their east, but the strong ties of money and law connect them far more with their Umarian brothers then their Daru neighbors.


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