Created by blood magic for an ancient war, they grow more fearsome whenever they eat sentient flesh, they can easily be bound by blood magic.

They often for large powerful bands in the wilds of the world, and every couple of decades have a leader that gets them working together and steamrolls them into civilization, sometime successfully sometimes not.

(Think Orcs powered by cannibalism)

Huge 20ft+

HP 60 +2d10
STR 40 +
DV 18
DR 1d10 +5
ATT +21, Weapon +15 dmg
Need to eat sentient life each hour or two, any 90 minute period without food downgrades.

Large 9-15 ft

HP 40 +2d10
STR 30
DV 22
ATT +14, Weapon +10 dmg
Need to eat fresh sentient life each day, never more than 24 without it.

Big 6-9 ft

HP 30 +2d10
STR 24
DV 20
ATT +10, Weapon +7 dmg
Need sentient life as a meal 1-2 times a week, or down grade.

Runts 3-5 ft

HP 20 +1d10
STR 14
DV 15
ATT +5, Weapon +2 dmg
Survive on dirt and eat nearly anything

Commonly have 2-5 feats, popular ones include Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Grapple, Improved Bite Attack, Improved Critical, Foe Hammer, Scent, and Vorpal Hurricane

Takes an hour or two to change sizes


Water or Blood The_Stump