Available Wayfarer's Song Traits

Ancestral Manor

You are the master of or the heir to own an Ancestral House, and perhaps some small lands and titles. The House and lands will need your attention from time to time, although trusted kinsmen or retainers are often left in control of homesteads while the master of the house is away travelling, trading or raiding. Keep in mind, however, that even trusted kinsmen can betray and enemies may well take advantage of undefended an land and herd.

Archer’s Knack

You have an unusual skill for bows, spears and throwing axes. Add a bonus level to your Ranged Aptitude.

Books of Lore

You own one or more Books of Lore that collectively count as an additional Wisdom Aptitude of Rank Five (Renowned). In game terms you are allowed to Test your Wisdom twice if you have time to consult your Books of Lore—once against your own skill and once against the Books of Lore. By adding sufficient books over time you may be able to improve the ‘skill’ of your library, although this remains at the discretion of your Gamesmaster. When beginning play you may
purchase this Trait multiple times. Each additional time you purchase this Trait you add a rank to the ‘skill’ of your books.


You are heard of will and iron of temperament, face strange dangers with calmness and reason. Add a bonus rank to your Courage Aptitude.

Charmed Weapon

You own a mildly enchanted weapon, marked with runes and dyed with blood of poisons. The
Enchantment adds one Menace to the weapon when used against a particular and stated strain or kith of enemy ie. Troldes. This can be any type of weapon. The Weapon carries all the normal benefits of an enchanted weapon (see Chapter Nine, Swords and Fishhooks).

Bloodsteel Armour

You own a suit of armour made from this forbidden material once created by magicians of old. The armour is extremely tough, providing Armour 6, and may be quite dazzlingly beautiful, but is not enchanted in any other way. It will never rust or break.


You are unusually beautiful or handsome, and wonderfully attractive. Add a bonus level to your Presence Aptitude.


You have a number of followers, henchmen, recruits, adepts or apprentices. These followers are not of a powerful sort and may need more protection than in convenient. They are on the other hand useful for trivial matters, messages, accompanying stock or fetching this or that, but don’t expect them to be able to stand their own in a fight…


You are unusually strong, fit and healthy. Gain a bonus Level of Fortitude. You can purchase this Trait up to three times.


You have learned a little of the ways and arts of sorcerer by way of secret studies or through supernatural gifts from demons, the dead or other even stranger creatures, but have not been ordained or accepted as a sorcerer by the old traditions. This is a dangerous place to be – you can continue learning the magic and the art as if you were a sorcerer but if you are found out you will likely be assailed by sorcerers and local lords alike. The traditions are not lightly broken. Gain one Spell of Thorn when you take the Trait. You may purchase the Trait additional times to gain additional Spells of Thorn. If you gain ten Spells of Thorn during Character Creation and purchase the Trait an additional time, you may choose to begin gaining Spells of Rowan instead of Thorn. A Character cannot take both the Traits Hedge-Sorcerer and Sorcerer (see also the Trait Sorcerer, below).


You own a small treasure hoard secreted away out of sight. The hoard amounts to 100 silver marks, though may not be easily accessible at present.

Iron of Will

You have a fiery and determined force of will. Add a bonus level to Willpower.

Item of Power

You own an enchanted item of your own choice, at the discretion of the Gamesmaster. The item cannot be either a weapon or piece of armour, and you must invent a suitable reason for its coming into your possession. Perhaps it was an old heirloom, or something found in the dusty storage room of a longhouse? A thing that was traded to you in exchange for something equally valuable or something stolen or murdered for?

Keen of Senses

You have remarkably sharp sight, hearing or smell (choose one). If sight, you could tell a sparrow from a finch at three hundred paces, if hearing you might notice wolves padding through snow over a hill. Keen of smell would allow you to notice something rotting or something rank and wild that no-one else would even notice. This Trait can be purchased up to three times in order to be keen in all three senses. Add a rank to your Perception Aptitude each time you purchase this Trait.

Knotted Fists

You are massively built with great fists of bone and knuckle. Instead of rolling 2d10 and taking the lowest to determine Injury during unarmed combat, roll 1d10.


Gain a bonus mundane language of your choice.


You have studied in the wide world, listened to great masters of lore and understood deeper meanings and old secrets. Add a bonus level to your Wisdom Aptitude.

Lithe of Body

You are unusually agile and fleet. Add a bonus level to your Dexterity Aptitude.

Master Wright

You’ve studied with great masters of arts and crafts and have honed you’re skills through their teachings. Add a bonus level to your Crafts Aptitude.


You are bound by an oath, freely given. If you break the oath there will certainly be social consequences depending on who the oath binds you to, imprisonment, branding as an outlaw or banishment are possible, as well as something potentially worse and more preternatural.

Ritual Tattoos

You are marked with ritual tattoos, runic inscriptions and animal totems in old patterns and strange whorls. You may purchase this Trait more than once, each time you do so choose one of the following tattoo markings. Note that ritual tattoos cover the face, arms and hands, and will be clearly visible to others.

Mark of the Bear Spirit: Add a bonus rank to your Brawling Aptitude.
Mark of the Boar: Gain an additional rank of Health.
Mark of the Dancing Swallow: Add a bonus level to your Dexterity Aptitude.
Mark of the Golden Hawk: Gain preternatural far sight. You can see fine detail at a league’s distance.
Mark of the Hungering Wolf: Add a bonus one rank to your Wayfaring Aptitude.
Mark of the Owl: Gain the ability to see clearly at night.
Mark of the Adder’s Tongue: Add a bonus rank to your Cunning Aptitude.

Silver Tongued

You are artful of words and quick of wit. Add a bonus rank to your Cunning Aptitude.


Stature is only available to Characters with Good Fortitude or better. Purchasing Stature increases your Health when fully healed by 2 points. You can purchase Stature more than once. For example: By purchasing three ranks of Stature you would increase your Health
to 16 levels (10 Health + 2 + 2 + 2).

Thieving Ways

You have discovered a personal knack for the ways of stealth and thievery, perhaps out of desperation, perhaps out of greed. Add a bonus rank to your Subterfuge Aptitude.


You are seemingly without an end to stamina and endurance. You can purchase this Trait more than once. Add 2 points to your Fatigue each time you take this Trait.


You have the blood of troldes in your veins, long ago one or more of your forefathers intermingled with those strange and monstrous creatures. You are huge and hulking looking, with grey or pallid skin and the possibility of a number of vestigial traits: small horns, a tail, fur down your back and so on. Add a single rank either to your Health or your Fortitude. You cannot take the Trait ‘Fair’ (see above) if you have Trolde-Blood.

Two-Handed Combat

You can fight two-handed with great ease. You have trained specially to use either a weapon and a shield or two weapons. If you are using a weapon and a shield add a bonus +1 rank to your Armour Protection. If you are using two weapons add a bonus +1 rank to your Menace. You may alternate between these two methods as you please.


You are unusually cautious and alert to danger. Add a bonus rank to your Wit Aptitude.

Weapon Master

Choose a single class of weapon that you have trained with – for example, swords. Whenever you use this class of weapon you gain a rank of Menace. You may purchase this Trait more than once in order to have trained in the masterful use of more than one class of weapon.

Witched Flesh

You have either inherited or already caused to yourself a sorcerous Taint. This Taint can be chosen by yourself, at the Discretion of the Gamesmaster.

Available Wayfarer's Song Traits

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