A long running hereditary monarchy rules here. Under the king are many landed nobles, in a system not to unlike the Empire. The key difference lies in the religion. The Veronians worship a group of powerful Demons known as the Nine and Ninety. These demons have organized my lesser kin of theirs and have a very active role in the nations magic and warfare.

Demons possession and summoning are both frequent in Veronian forces. This has allowed them to remain uncontested masters of the sea and stop the Empire cold every time it thought of conquest.

The line of kings is frequently possessed by members of the Nine and Ninety to allow their will to be translated into law, this make the rulers both very powerful and also very short lived, but the kingly line is so prolific that ruling can pass through a few dozen or so cousins before hitting the next generation.

The Veronians are quite noted for their naval superiority, and have often block the Umarian empires naval power, limiting their trade west and stopping their invasions cold many times.

They practice a sort of magic, by channeling the power of demons, it is called Daemonism.


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