The Party

Current Members are:

  • Soloman “Emperor Sol’Dat Umar” The former priest of the Divine Counselors, now Emperor of the Umarian Empire
    Tom, Dedicate
  • Nethe A blood mage, assassin, and companion of Redmark
    Parker, Executioner
  • Raoyn A world traveler and hunter, who aids the Emperor in his travels
    Kovak, Hunter
  • Hadeon A Rai Blooded, Senior Librarian, Traveled with the reclamation, survived and became an adviser to the new emperor and now works from his side.
    Jamie, Man at Arms
  • Joshina Priestess of the Divine Counselors, Seer whose visions occasionally guide the emperor
    Jessica, Hunter
  • Telion Blackfeather A scout and archer, services retained by the emperor
    Kenny, Archer
  • Demeo Delusionist, Salvager, and ship owner
    Derek, Executioner
  • Heliotrope A Gethian thief, Thranish in decent and educated in upbringing
    Judith, Thief

Former PC, currently on NPC status

  • Ur’run Stone/Redmark, the Mortal Sword of Umar, on a quest to free his god
    Dylan, Armiger
  • Candor A mysterious blood mage, who runs Lithumbria as a Hand of the Emperor
    Aveloc, Thief

Dead/Former Members

  • Tarius Mayar Blooded, Dis-avowed, Immaculate Brother seeking redemption in the emperor’s service
    Derek, Weapon Master

The Party

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