The Grey Wars

House Grey was once a great house of the Empire presiding over the Citadel of Hardmarch, and the lands surrounding it. It guarded the cities of Aru and Geth in the North from the Tribes of Eaters residing in the Grey Mountains.

The Eaters have long been enemies of all men, and those who make common cause with them are considered the lowest for of scum. When a prominent daughter of House Grey marched a imperial legion into the mountains and married a Eater Warlord it was a low point for the Grey family (of whom their were already rumors of breeding with the eaters in the past). She the declared war on the realm and bypassing Hardmarch she sacked Aru, only to be met on the return trip by her uncle and the armies of houses Grey and Eral taking tremendous loses she was forced back to the mountains, where she waged a guerrilla war for another 16 years.

She was at long last slain by her brothers in an ambush while crossing a high pass with a band of raiders.

Many of the stolen riches of Aru are still rumored to be hidden in the mountains near Hardmarch.

The Grey Wars

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