The Great Lords

Imperial Line:

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The Empress Regent Mar’lai Umer, the not quite ruler for the past 25 years, her consort is Emar Lyre, brother to Jorm Lyre. Her scheming has maintained the status quo and slowed the breaking up of the empire, but she has never been able to reverse it, she plant most of that dream/hope in her son. Her equally ambitious husband manages her schemes and is her closest confidant.

Her 16 year old son Var’rith Umer, The Ascendant, would-be Emperor. Been preparing his whole life to become a power in his own right. Desperately want to live up to that dream. Has yet to prove himself in any meaningful way.

Head of the High Noble lines:

Grand Duke of Thrane Naath Thrane, in exile from his sunken city, leader of the conquest, returning from the south currently.

Patriarch of Krate Dremold Krate, An old military man, close friend of the Silencers and of the last Emperor. He supports the current imperial line, though most of Krate does not share his leanings and many are enjoying new found wealth from their current agricultural boom.

Lord Protector of Aru Gormon A’Rai, Possible sympathizer with the Reclaimer sect, and known for his great cunning. His influence in widely felt, and many are suspicious at his positioning seeing him as waiting to make a big play for power.

High Baron of Lithumbria Jorm Lyre, Known to be a bit of a flatterer, womanizer, and inconsistent positions as well as for ostentatious displays of wealth and finery. His rule is mostly tempered by his brother and his brothers wife the empress Regent.

Califa of Heon Shergal Heon, Only current female great lord, known for ruthlessness, and beauty. Has strong ties to the trades houses, and monetary systems of the realm.

The Ancient of Geth Naath Eral, Youngest member of the great lords at 23, he just had twins with his wife and is not known for being as involved with politics as much as he should be. his control of Geth is lax at best and the city moves on in its past course without much say from him.

The Great Lords

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