The First Gethenomie Rebellion

When the Litch King Jathoon decided he had enough with this upstart maarish empire and broke the truce he had made with their diplomats. He rallied an enormous army and from Gethenomie marched on Umer itself. He destroyed multiple imperial armies in his path as well as sowing misinformation with others keeping them from the fight.

He sacked Umer burned temples to Umar and returned to Gethenomie triumphant with an even larger army, but the First Emperor was not defeated and returned from his conquest in Lithumbria and restored order to his new city of Umer and gathered all of his remaining legions marching for Gethenomie. He took many of his elite soldiers and had them instructed in the secrets of destroying the undead and specially armed for that task from his new allies in Lithumbria (This group would turn into the Avowed Order of the Silencers)

He led this force and his personal Legion including the Prime Cohort against Jathoon’s forces and sacked his way to the walls of Gethenomie itself. Here the Emperor took the field and Personally held off Jathoon taking a mortal wound in the process. This allowed for his troops to unleash a great many surprises on Jathoon’s undead and the Newly avowed to ultimately collapse Jathoon’s forces.

The Emperor died a month later of the wounds sustained in this fight. Jathoon disappeared and was presumed destroyed until the Second Gethenomie Rebellion. The forces of the empire were withdrawn as the heirs to the crown fought. Gethenomie surrendered peacefully during this turmoil. This was one of the many things arranged by the second emperor creating the power base he used for his ascension.

The First Gethenomie Rebellion

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