The Avowed

The Lawgivers, Inquisitors, and Caretakers of the Empire’s Lands. Avowed have a prerogative to mete out justice and have sworn themselves to a life fighting against their orders greatest foe.

These orders have some limited cooperation, and are given direction from the Emperor to their counsel of Headmasters.

They are nominally part of the Church, and as such have the Church’s patronage and protections as far as Magic and Money are concerned.

All who have taken their vows are marked permanently with a gilded brand often on their face but sometimes elsewhere.

Silencers Fight the Undead and Necromancers
They protect the sanctity of the death, and seek out all perversions to the peace that the end of life should bring. They act as undead exterminators, spirit hunters, and divine warriors guarding the realms of the living from the Dead.
h6. Their Oath:
“The Quiet of the Grave is broken and I make this Vow to oppose it. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and leave not unquiet dead in my wake. I am the hammer at the door. I am the eye searching the darkness. I am a shield to guard the realm of life. I pledge my life and obedience to The Order of Still Waters, until all graves are quiet.”

Secutors or just Exorcists Fight Demons, and their Influence
These avowed purge the realms of the influence caused by the broken essences of Gods generally referred to as Demons. This endless war purges Demons from their vessels and when possible imprisons them. Their first and largest chapterhouse is the Vault of Krate in Krate
h6. Their Oath:
“The Fallen Gods do not rest, and their remnants still wish to twist the world so I make this Vow. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and seek out the deceivers in whatever forms they take. I will leave no succor for them and dive all from their vessels. I am the spear that pierces the soul. I am the wind that steals breath. I am the net that binds. I pledge my life and obedience to the Prosecutors until the fall of all Gods.”

Sovengers Fight Heresy and Magical Perversion
The Fallen order
Always the least numerous order, though was still a presence felt. The act as traveling wise men, advisers, and scholars. They concern themselves keeping knowledge pure, and destroying any heretics that would pervert it. their main enemy has always been Blood Mages. With the rise of the new Emperor and his Blood Dragons, this order has been purged and only a few remnants survive with what ever knowledge and resources centuries of work has accumulated.
h6. Their Oath:
“The Heresy corrupts and perverts all that makes us great, so I make this Vow to destroy it. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and seek it out in all of its forms, and bar all of its corruptions from the hearts of men who would fall to it in weakness. I am the sword of dawn’s true light. I am the hunter of darkness. I am a ward guarding the hearts and minds of man. I pledge my life and obedience to The Sovenger Order, until all men’s hearts are true.”

Blood Dragons Fight to Preserve the Empire
newly founded
A militant force of the new Emperor, practicing Life Magic (once heretical Blood Magic) Their overall mission is as of yet unclear, but their Headmasters have replaced the Sovengers on the Avowed Counsel.

The Avowed

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