The Ascension of the Second Emperor

The rising of Or’aem Umar was not without blood. This canny political ruler came to power assassinating all of his rival heirs. Making common practice the occasional purging of side branches of the imperial line, by any new emperor of even slightly questionable merits.

His ascension changed the empire, when he was opposed by the established clergy, and military leadership he purged many of them with his new order of mage-assassins Sovengers and destroyed his opponents magical power-base as well by outlawing blood magic, the avowed order of the Sovengers exist to this day to police this ban, and any other decree’s left behind by the second emperor and his successors.

His reign brought much growth to the realm and laid the foundations of the imperial power and succession. He displaced many Maarish and elevated the Blooded as the high caste integrating many local powers giving his line and many local divine lineages superiority. These displaced Maarish created a great deal of trouble as those who survived the purge created many small rebellions in The Bloodsteel Uprisings.

Many of the Empire’s great public works and monuments come from this period of consolidation of imperial power.

The Ascension of the Second Emperor

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