Their Oath:

“The Heresy corrupts and perverts all that makes us great, so I make this Vow to destroy it. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and seek it out in all of its forms, and bar all of its corruptions from the hearts of men who would fall to it in weakness. I am the sword of dawn’s true light. I am the hunter of darkness. I am a ward guarding the hearts and minds of man. I pledge my life and obedience to The Sovenger Order, until all men’s hearts are true.”

Founded in 68 AU, The Sovengers where once the youngest of the Avowed orders.
Chartered by His Radience the second emperor, The Sovengers are charged with the keeping and policing of knowledge & magic in all of its forms. At the faction’s height, the Sovengers boasted some twenty-three chapter houses, now only four remain, they mostly operated out of Brotherhood chapter houses now.

The Current Emperor has outlawed and exterminated them the virtual non existence, replacing them with the Blood Dragons.

Seek, But Do Not Follow.

The purpose given to them by the second emperor was to destroy all blood magic and keep its knowledge suppressed, This order is most responsible for blood magic’s decline in the empire.

They have reinvented themselves somewhat since those days, and now hunt down rogue mages (unlicensed by the guild/or practicing forbidden lore), strange artifacts, magical criminals and summoned abominations. They usually operate in small teams supported by their squires, or mercenaries as needed. They will coordinate some with their fellow orders The Brothers and the Silencers to find offenders and often take referred cases.

While currently the least active order they do have historical ties to many noble houses, and many accumulated resources, including stockpiles of forbidden artifacts, rituals, and the means to capture and imprison mages of many varieties. They also posses what was ounce the greatest spy and information gathering network the empire ever saw.

This entire order has less than a hundred fully initiated members and barely twice that in squires. Though it may soon gain more strength and support and blood mages and magics come back into political focus of the empire.

Banner: A Monkfish Bearing a Red Quill

Chapters: The Grinning Sphinx, The Drowned Eyes, The Violet Chandlers, The Brine Martyrs

Vow: I am the Seeker in the Lake, I am the Sword on the Sand, I am The Wick in the Tower, I Will Witness, I will Testify, I shall Remember.


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