The Order of Still Waters

their device in a clear Green Archway

Their Oath:

“The Quiet of the Grave is broken and I make this Vow to oppose it. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and leave not unquiet dead in my wake. I am the hammer at the door. I am the eye searching the darkness. I am a shield to guard the realm of life. I pledge my life and obedience to The Order of Still Waters, until all graves are quiet.”

The most militant of the remaining orders. They protect the sanctity of the death, and seek out all perversions to the peace that the end of life should bring. The act as undead hunters, exorcists and divine warriors.

In the last 30 years this order has grown more than any other. The Drowner troubles created by the Deluge have give them a great purpose and many great heroes have risen in their ranks to fight it.

Their greatest enemies are necromancers and the undead they control. They have chapter houses in all major cities, though their house in Geth is by far the most extensive of their forces, holding nearly half their full ranked members. All members rotate through the guild houses and serve their time throughout the empire, making them one of the most worldly orders.

Altogether they held the strength of nearly two full legions, though with the recent tragedy in the southern campaign that strength is cut nearly in half. Leaving them with slightly more than a thousand Avowed, and a similar number of squires and retainers.


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