commonly called Exorcists.

Their Oath:

“The Fallen Gods do not rest, and their remnants still wish to twist the world so I make this Vow. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die in this war, and seek out the deceivers in whatever forms they take. I will leave no succor for them and dive all from their vessels. I am the spear that pierces the soul. I am the wind that steals breath. I am the net that binds. I pledge my life and obedience to the Prosecutors until the fall of all Gods.”

These avowed purge the realms of the influence caused by the broken essences of Gods generally referred to as Demons. This endless war purges Demons from their vessels and when possible imprisons them. Their first and largest chapterhouse is the Vault of Krate in Krate

They are mainly based out of Krate where they are one of the few groups suppressing the Veronan influence of Demons that would bring Krate down if left unchecked. They have chapter houses throughout the realm.


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