Second Gethenomie Rebellion

When Jathoon was revealed to be hiding as a Silver Quill of the Librarians, the Silencers mobilized the Empire to war. Jathoon assembled an army marched on Aru sacking it and causing untold abominations, then with his great undead legions he marched towards Geth.

When the Empire’s forces marched to meet him in three groups he distracted one with a legion and then those troops watched on as Jathoon’s army disintegrated; destroyed to power a great necromantic working that annihilated a second war group of the empire.

While Jathoon’s second force moved to take Gethenomie. Here the Legion of Krate met him in what is considered to be one of the greatest field battles of the Empires history. An Aspect of Krate himself took to the field and fought the Litch King, distracting him while the Empire’s Mages took the field and created chaos. The Patriarch took the field with his Ironsythes eventually winning the day.

Jathoon escaped the field and no confirmed activity is known since.

Second Gethenomie Rebellion

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