Ritual Magic

Magic in this world takes a variety of forms, all based on harnessing and moving around energy that already exists. The Basic system for this is Ritual. It covers the training that all dabblers, hedge magicians, priests and even mighty librarians have. It is present throughout the empire and far beyond its borders.

This magic is illegal to learn within the empire unless your are of The Blood, a member of the church (including The Avowed), or a member of the Librarians Guild.

There are many ways for this system to be taken beyond its basics. These are called the Higher Paths and are only found and taught in few places. Even less common (one would hope) are the Forbidden Paths whose very practice is a crime throughout the Empire and much of the world. Lastly are the Outside Paths systems of magic that manifest magic outside of the standard Ritual practice.

Type Art Description Where you can learn it
- Ritual The basic system of magic harnessing energy from the world to shape it into a usable form bent to the will of the caster Almost anywhere, some upstarts are even self-taught, though it is illegal outside the church/blooded and librarians guild
Higher Path Divining Channeling the will of the gods, into visions, blessings, curses, even inspiring and imbuing men with divine purpose. Few powerful priests, most large religious centers in the Empire
Higher Path Binding Calling and enforcing your will on natural and unnatural creatures, spirits and elementals, using them to augment your own power. Tolecci, the Library, War College of Krate
Higher Path Geomancy The practice of bonding to a powerful place and using it to enhance oneself and one’s magic. Rare, some few wardens do remain in ancient places of power
Higher Path Summoning The Art of calling energy together to form constructs. The Library, Lithumbrian Forge Masters also often take up this art
Forbidden Path Blood Magic Leaching energy off of living things to power spells and enhance oneself Secret histories of the Umarian Church, Records of the time before the Mage War Aru took refuge from
Forbidden Path Necromancy Harnessing Death to act as a well for energy, this pulls energy out of living systems and ties them into perversions of life such as undead and dark sorcery Cabbals in Geth, The Tolecci, sentient undead
Outside Path Zoolatry animal and shape-changing magic The Krav, People of the Ell Wood
Outside Path Shadow Manipulation Using and empowering your shadow Daru, quite obscure path
Outside Path Daemonism Hosting Demons and bargaining with them for services Verona, small cults elsewhere
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Ritual Magic

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