Relem Heon

Dead, died in action with the Tolecci forces during the assault on Is’Krav

Relem Heon was born 320 AU the Ides of the Ascendant Month of Chor. True to astrological expectations, the third child of the Calipha was drawn to secrets and learning. Ralem learned the letters of three tongues in his first five years; followed by an impressive understanding of numbers by seven. Ralem successfully cast his first spell at 10, a light cantrip to find his siblings in a game of hide-and-seek.

To his parent’s delight, Ralem’s ambition never gravitated towards lordship, but to libraries and scriveners. On his fourteenth name-day, Ralem Heon was accepted to the Great Library of Aru for studies in Tongues, Histories, Divinities, Laws, and Enigmas. On 338 AU, Ralem graduated from his studies and was recruited by the Avowed Order of the Sovengers.

Ralem’s twenties were dominated by intense military training, and applied studies of the heresies of Umar. On 347 AU, Relem was raised from Murmur to Lord Archivist of the Grinning Sphinxes following the violent death of Jarth Aresh, the previous Chapter head. Relem was awarded this honor for avenging his fallen master in the field, fighting an insurgent group of bloodwrights near Geth.

Ralem’s work as Lord Archivist centered around understanding necromantic heresies and ancestral ritual of the Gethenomian peoples, and their practical remedies. Ralem is a fast friend of the Avowed Order of Still Waters Silencers and has served honorably with Lord Admiral Roderick Pherylls.


Ralem, unlike his family, is a forthright supporter of the Empire. People have mistaken Ralem for a Loyalist and a Reclaimer. Relem has taken great pains to maintain the Sovenger’s neutrality in the matter, maintaining that the memories of the gods are fraught with the biased recordings of men. Thus far, Ralem’s sway hold over the more rash Chapters, but for how long, he cannot say.

Ralem is forward and to the point. People often complain that he is emotionally distant and too soft spoken to be a proper men. Ralem is fond of things of great craftsmanship and effort. People who offer him good whine or food are quick to get his attention, those who offer him books to read are fast friends.

Ralem disregards minor slights or japes at his expense, but is quick to punish insults against his duty and religion. Those who do well by him are rewarded consistently, with information, trust, or coin. Those who fail him are given other duties, whether or not they belong to his avowed order.

Ralem has olive skin and the sharp teal eyes of the Heonise. Like all Heon warriors, he regularly shaves his head and face. He is well muscled, but his stature leaves his appearance stretched and ropy. He carries himself as a noble and a warrior on the field, but bows his head and shoulders in his study.

Relem Heon

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