Places Xha'Maar continent

Known Locations:

Landfall the location of the bulk of the fleet, commanded by Tytos Bar’Emmon interacting with the Krav both aiding them and raiding them depending on the different tribes alliances.

The Sunken City Hidden beneath the ocean, and protected by strange magics, with the only known access through ancient human sacrifice portals, and swarming with drowned undead.

Naaths Current Map:

Port Maar: The last foothold of the Empire on this continent.

Salt Gate newly fortified Silencer Stronghold

Naath’s Tower restored tower containing man of the conquest

Is’Crav Island just south of Port Maar, sacred to the Krav, controlled by the Tolecci as their northern fortress.

An’Tecci: Tolecci Capital

Places Xha'Maar continent

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