Places Umar

Each of the major cities of the Empire have their own ruling structure, and they are collectively known as the Sons of Umar. Each has its own Great Lord, who all have near full jurisdiction over their own lands, except when dealing with the church, mostly in the form of the Avowed Orders, whom are out side of the local law and impose their own justice. The Lesser Cities, on the other hand, pay tribute to at least one of the Great Lords (except Mesembria), and are run by lesser sworn houses of The Blood, these nobility are also highly involved in trade and maintaining many estates and fortresses about the Empire.

The Son’s of Umar

The Light of the East, The Salted City. The Southeastern most city, Mercantile capital of the realm due to its connections with the east, home to dominant money trading guild The Mercers. Strongly influenced by the eastern way of life, The core of the churches legal power comes from the Brotherhood who have their main training temple here.

The Wall of the Horselords, The Demon-forged City, Krate lies in the far North West of the empire, these once broad flat highlands have become a lowered expansive of fertile plains due to The Great Deluge, suddenly giving Krate the most bountiful farmlands in the empire. This new wealth both fiances one of the best military organizations in he realm, and the rise of a new mercantile counterculture, A home to many famous warrior brotherhoods including the famous Ironscythes . Their Great Lord the Patriarch of Krate is Dremold Krate, the city and its territories are managed by a counsel of swords, consisting of the head of each of the city’s grand Free Companies who are currently not on campaign. Home to the Temple of Shattered Gods the first and largest chapterhouse of the Secutors.

The High Forge, The Walls of the Clouds. Just to the west of the ruins of Umer on a mountainous peninsula lies the new seat of Governance in the empire. Home to great mining and smithing industry the Finers Guild makes its home here. This once small city, is now bustling with politics, money, and less savory elements that becoming the new seat of power in the empire has thrust on this city. It boasts a huge dam and canal system high in the mountains, as well as having forges draw heat directly from the earth, the city is truly full of works of engineering splendor.

The Floating City, The Oldest son of Umar, Aru lies far to the North East. it is a center for learning and religious pilgrimages, especially today with the rise of Chor’a’Rai and the fall of the great god Umar. Near to the south lies the ancient Library of Aru home of the Librarians guild; an ancient arcane order learned in all sorts of history, magic, and knowledge predating the empire itself. The city is built on the lake and the southern shore is littered with ruins of the city the Anu once was, a place sacked during the formative days of the empire, the only remaining parts of this ruin still used are the campus and grounds of the Great Library of Anu whose resistance stalled the empire until treaties where made.

Once Gethenomie, Home to the Litch Kings, City of the Ancestors, Now Geth problem child of the empire. It is the only remaining son not founded/refounded by the Empire, but instead conquered and integrated. In the North between Aru and Krate it is the dominate trade port for goods crossing the paths of the northern caravan route and southern shipping. It is also the home of two powerful guilds the Shipwrights and the Claimers (a guild based on salvaging). It is a city steeped in history with monument and graveyards throughout, and while the imperial religion has made some advances the bulk of the populace still honors if not outright worships their ancestors.

The Sunken Sons: (cities drowned in the deluge)

The Imperial city, Jewel of the Empire, Built on the holy ground Umar walked when he came to speak with the first emperor and give his blessing on the conquest. This once great city lays beneath the waves, its waters still turbulent since the day it drowned.

The Emerald City This great city also lays beneath the waves, but not so its people, since before its fall an aspect of the god Thrane the city’s namesake appeared to the city warned them of the fall and lead them away to Geth only two days before the fall.

Places Umar

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