Otherworldly Knowledge

Esoteric Materials The special material most closely tied to magic

Common Magical Weapons The magical weapons that many arcane organizations have made their standard.

Legends and Legendary Items The things and places people tell tales about

Types of Undead A grimore of types for this constant threat

Eaters Violent barbaric humanoids created by blood magic for use in an ancient forgotten war, they grow more fearsome whenever they eat sentient flesh, they can be bound to service by users of blood magic.

Demons The orphaned aspects of dead gods, mad with time rage and power, twisted to their own dark purposes, considered heretical to deal with.

Aspects-Avatars Shadows cast by gods or mortals empowered by them, these are the actors that interact with man and bring forth the will of the gods.

Primes Sentient powerful Semi-Divine animals with dominion over their lesser kin

Necromancy and Blood Magic The forbidden arts

Otherworldly Knowledge

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