Minor Rituals

Glow, 0 (1 check)/Minute interval, DC 5/1
example fetish(es): shiny pebble, crystal, or one can be made on the spot
This quick ritual allows for a magus to set something to glow brightly for 1 day per additional success. Different versions exist with their own unique extinguishing traits, some include a command word, contact with sand, water, or blood.

Ignite, 0 (1 check)/Minute interval, DC 5/2
example fetish(es): none required
This quick ritual allows for a magus to set something on fire, 90% chance of lighting what they are touching on fire (must be flammable). This fire is completely natural once started.

Alarm Ward, 3/hour intervals, DC 15/10
example fetish(es): metal bracelet of many small shields
This quick ritual allows for a magus to rest easily, a warded area no larger than one acre per level alerts the caster when ever it is breached by something living of type set by the caster. Duration level in days. this effect can be dismissed by the caster with a minutes work.

Owl Eyes, 2/min intervals, DC 10/10
example fetish(es): Owl feather w/paint/stain to apply spell
This quick ritual transforms your eyes to grant you low light vision 60 until the next dawn or dusk. You must make reflex saves DC 15 or be stunned for a round by any bright light source you are not expecting.

Burst of Strength, 2/min intervals, DC 5/20
example fetish(es): bent nail
This quick ritual infuses the target with strength and allows for the imbued person to release the charge gaining twice their normal strength bonus on one roll, they also roll twice the dice and take the better result, they then take damage equal to their doubled strength bonus as the power torrents out of them. The charge can be held indefinitely as long as the imbued one take a move action each round to pass a concentration check DC 15.

Hardening of Flesh, 3/min intervals, DC 12/18
example fetish(es): a turtle shell
This quick ritual infuses the target’s skin with the all of the hardiness the target possess granting the target additional DR equal to the targets CON bonus. This enhancement lasts until the next dawn or dusk.

Restoration to Flesh, 0/1 (1 check)Move action/day interval, DC 10/10 Church Only
example fetish(es): glass cup
This quick ritual allows for a magus to either give someone a chance to stabilize (move action, cost in reserve points equal to how negative they are, they do not regain these HP).
Give someone a chance at great healing, this takes one full day (dawn to dusk or vise versa) requiring all of the casters own reserve points. This total must at least equal [30-(targets constitution)] or the spell has no effect. This ritual can mend broken bones and regrow flesh as if the recipient had a months bed rest. This cannot restore anything a months rest would not restore. The person being healed may spend their own reserve points freely, and gains a bonus equal to their constitution score to their current reserve point that must be spent during this spell. This will also give a free additional save against any ongoing ailment (magical or otherwise) with a bonus equal to the targets constitution modifier or +1 whichever is greater. This can only be used once, whether on not it succeeds. The recipient of this ritual is refreshed, the caster finishes exhausted.

Words on the Wind, 3/Minute intervals, DC 10/15
example fetish(es): small whistle
This quick ritual allows for a mage to speak to friends over long distances. The mage trusts his words to the wind and they travel to the recipient. The mage needs a either token related to the recipient or for the recipient to have a token from the mage. This message travels no more than a number of miles equal to the rituals last casting check.

Awaken the Blood of Umar, 3/Minute intervals, DC 10/25 (15/40) Avowed & Church Only
example fetish(es): sacred drinking vessel made of precious metal(s)
This ritual allows for a priest to call out the power latent in a warrior’s bloodlines. The target of this ritual gains a Divine +1 bonus to Attack, Defense, and Damage. This leave him positively humming with power. This lasts until the next time the warrior rests or the next dusk/dawn. This ritual is called other names by different groups. This bonus can be raised to the maximum of the recipient’s Charisma Bonus if the caster and recipient take that many hours to pray and commune with the gods. This ritual can grant the bonuses to the caster as well as the target for an additional +10 / +15 to the spell’s DC (making it a major ritual).

Find the Feather, 2/Minute intervals, DC 15/12
example fetish(es): only requires the arcane link to the target
This quick ritual allows for a mage to find a charmed item he or she has crafted ahead of time. The spell allows the caster to hone in on the location intuitively giving +20 to search/survival or +90% to probability checks to head in the correct direction. This spell lasts until the next dusk or dawn or the object is found.

Panic the Heard, 2/Minute intervals, DC 12/(5 per animal target)
example fetish(es): bones of an animal that died in fright
This quick ritual allows for a mage to frighten animals and cause them to flee in terror. The mage targets an animal(s) within sight. These animals make a Will Save with a DC equal to your ranks in handle animal +10,if they pass they are only shaken.

Violent Ignition, 3/Minute intervals, DC 10/10
example fetish(es): carved volcanic rock
This quick ritual allows for a person to temporarily enchant a weapon (or glove)(or quiver DC+5) Adding 1d4 damage to attacks, and giving a 50% chance for objects hit to catch on fire. Duration either 1 day, or until quenched or item destroyed. (flaming item takes 1 damage per minute, and 3d10 damage on quenching / extinguishing ignoring hardness), you are not immune to this damage.

Water Walk, 3/Minute intervals, DC 10/(5+1per person after the first)
example fetish(es): driftwood charm
This quick ritual allows for people or groups of people to treat the surface of water (not other liquids) as though it was solid for as long as them remain off any land or the next dawn/dusk.

Grow Gills, 3/Minute intervals, DC 10/15
example fetish(es): fish head charm
This quick ritual allows for the caster or the target to grow gills of of their neck to breath in water, this lasts until the next dawn or dusk.

Divine Blessing, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. Church Only
example fetish(es): sacred brands and barbs to sear the blessing to you
This blessing ritual often given by the church, grants a semi-permanent enchantment until broken by other magic. The target of this ritual, gains the ability to reroll 1 check per day. Regain 1d6 +cha mod in reserve points when you pray for at least an hour no more than once per day. This enchantment requires a specific vow to the church granting it, and breaks if the vow is violated in any way (even if against the characters will) They vow must impose large meaningful restrictions on the way the character lives his/her life.

Hyper Mobility, 4/minute intervals, DC 15/40.
example fetish(es): charm necklace/bracelet of carved bones of graceful creatures
This personal enhancement, allows the caster to stick and cling to almost any surface, like a gecko, Spiderclimb, and freely dislocate all all of your joints allowing you to roll twice and take the better on any escape artist or strait Dexterity check, These abilities lasts until the next dawn or dusk, or rest.

Gift of Speed, 1/hour interval, DC 10/30.
example fetish(es): flask of quicksilver
This personal enhancement, fundamentally shifts the perception of time, and ability to react quickly to things. Gain +10 to initiative, +30 feet of movement (6 squares), and gain a second attack during your full attack action, though both attack take a -2. This effect lasts until you stop moving, pausing to hide or stopping to talk is enough to have this spell fail. If this lasts more than an hour this is fatiguing, if it lasts until dawn or dusk it is also exhausting. This shift makes it harder to communicate, (speaking to fast to be followed, other speaking too slow) giving -10 to all cha based checks, and leaving the enhanced person fatigued/exhausted until they rest.

Personal Ward, 5/Minutes intervals, DC 10/50.
example fetish(es): ring of a precious metal
Gain a deflection bonus equal to your intelligence bonus, until next dawn dusk or someone/thing strikes you, if struck you have a chance to maintain the spell if you make a DC 10+Damage dealt Concentration Check.

Elemental Affinity, 1/hour interval, DC 15/10+
example fetish(es): none required, but it takes the remains of something destroyed by that element to become the applied salve
This ritual protects a person or item from a certain element for either a month or until the dawn after the shield effect is spent. The noun in question gains a resistance 1( +1 per every 5 rolled above the DC) to that element, and shields the noun from the first 10 ( +1 for every point rolled above the DC) damage from that element. Elements include, fire, water, earth, spirit, shadow, light, and lightning.

Fill the Sails, 4/mins interval, DC 15/10+
example fetish(es): a sheath of feathers from many birds
This ritual calls in a wind from the direction chosen during casting. It can add 5 knots to the speed of a vessel for every ten successes gathered past its base 10 difficulty. The wind gradually dies down lowering its effectiveness by 10 knots each hour until it dies off.

Eyes of the hawk, 1/hour interval, DC 15/15
example fetish(es): the preserved eyes of a hawk
This ritual protects a person vision into that a a small bird present at the casting of the ritual and allows them to guide the direction of the bird until they fail a concentration roll. Each distraction or hour passed gives a DC 15 Concentration check to hold the spell, each check after the first adds 2 to the difficulty.

Silence, 5/minute intervals, DC 10/60
example fetish(es): knife/implement that has removed someones tongue
This spell creates a cone of silence around the caster that negates all noise, it can be dispelled by the caster at any time. Otherwise the spell lasts 1 minute per 5 on Concentration Check. For the next day the casters voice cannot rise above the volume of a hushed whisper. 30 foot radius, this can also be tied to a person ( +10 DC) through an arcane link (Will Save vs Final Spellcraft roll + any magical bonuses) or to an item ( +5), but the residual whisper still effect you.

Wave Sense, 4/min intervals, DC 10/35
example fetish(es): dolphin bone,
This ritual grants the character aquatic tremor-sense, this provides sensory information 360 through water (or water like fluids) out to 60 ft. This ritual leaves a ringing in your ear (-5 listen) when not in the water, and lasts until the character next rests, dawn or dusk.

Flow of the Eel, 3/min intervals, DC 10/25 (+5 per person)
example fetish(es): fish scale charm
This quick gives the mage/recipient a swim speed or 30, and the freedom to move underwater as if they had no impediments. this lasts until you rest, the next dawn or dusk.

Clairify Water, 3/min intervals, DC 5/15
example fetish(es): glass beads, sponge
This ritual pulls out all impurities (salt, poison, dirt, etc) from water. this requires the water to be in a discrete vessel that the mage can lift.

Scry for Blood, 1/hour interval, DC 10/30 Sovenger
example fetish(es): an iron cauldron
This very involved ritual purifies a space, and using a large pool of water as a focus can reveal if anyone in the area holds Blood Points or is wearing Bloodsteel. Success shows the location of the person in great detail. Magical Wards, and other disruptions show up as cloudy water and can obscure the results.

Circle of Forbiddance, 2/hour intervals, DC 15/20 Sovenger
example fetish(es): and chalk made of dust from rock, salt, iron, and tears
This Area is secure against intrusion from all of the Sovengers enemies. The lines of this elaborate circle are drawn in salt and sand. No mage with a blood point in his pool or necromancer with a spirit point can cross it, or send a spell through it. Undead of any variety may not cross it. Demons and their magics may not cross it. This spell lasts until the next sundown or until the caster leaves the area witch ever happens first. Very skilled mages can break it with a contested Spellcraft Roll against the casting mage with all the bonuses the mage had at the casting +15. This process take at least an hour wear the casting mage is aware of the process.

Seek the Bond, 3/minute intervals, DC 5+ /40 Sovenger
example fetish(es): the bones of a blood mage
Using a fresh corpse or recently bled out victim the caster can sense where the victims blood has gone. If the harvesting Blood Magician still has the gained Blood Point(s) in his/her pool they can be magically tracked by this spell, Add one to the DC of this spell for each hour since the harvesting occurred (this can move the spell beyond Minor Ritual). The caster gains a vague directional sense for Concentration Check in minutes, 5/minute.

Untouchable Blood, 1/minute interval, DC 5/10 Sovenger
example fetish(es): one of their own bones
This Sovenger rite keeps the Sovengers from being tempting targets of a blood mage. The rite lasts until the next dawn and causes any blood mage or similar to take 4d10 damage for each blood point they would gain from draining/killing/eating the caster. This ritual is a bit obscure these days but well recorded in manuals. It can be cast on another for an additional +10 to the DC.

Loosen Fetters, 2/minute intervals, DC 10 / 10
example fetish(es): a charm of frayed rope
This spell gives its caster the ability to slip any shackle, rope, binding, even magical where is grants a +10 to the check to burst the restraining spell.

Sooth-Stone, 2/hours intervals, DC 12 / 8
example fetish(es): a nice stone
This spell creates a charged stone that will become hot whenever a lie is told aloud within earshot. The stone lasts a week, and will add some bonuses (+5 to +10) to Sense Motive checks depending on circumstance. The stone is vulnerable to sunlight, running water, rain, blood and song/poetry all of which can break the enchantment.

Touch of Ice, 0 (1 check)/Minute interval, DC 10/5
example fetish(es): none required
The mage chants low and cold words into the air. When cast over an area of earth the ground grows solid with frost, glittering and cold. When cast over water the surface will freeze in moments. The spell has no particular powers, other than those to impress or make a sturdy path across a river or lake. The ice and frost formed by this spell will melt naturally.

Conceal, 3/Minute intervals, DC 12/X
example fetish(es): a sheath or similar item that has been lost by someone else
The mage chants whispers and weaves darkness and light into an item (cannot already be enchanted). This adds supernatural aid to a Slight of Hand check to conceal the item, giving a bonus of half of X (maximum +10) to the check, illusions of light shadow and other illusion this item is near impossible to find on you or wherever you placed it. The spell lasts a number of days equal to the bonus then decays by one a day until gone, the spell also break if the item is revealed or drawn from its concealment in any way.

Rage of Waters 0 (1 check)/Minute interval, DC 15/15 Delusionist
example fetish(es): a seashell found far from shore
By intoning the ancient names of Chor’a’Rai’s many faces the sorcerer can summon up a great
flood into what was a gentle stream, river, seafront or lake. When cast on a lake or seafront waves of terrible power and strength rise suddenly and crash to and fro. When cast upon rivers the waters rise into a single huge crash of water. The spell is powerful but fleeting, and lasts for only a few moments; time enough however to deal serious damage to anything in the waters path. Dealing 6d10 Bludgeoning damage that ignores hardness to all structures and half that to anyone caught is the swells, double the damage if the shore or river is particularly dangerous to begin with.

Taming the Fury of Nature, 2/hour intervals, DC 15/25 Delusionist water specific, or general
example fetish(es): none required, but a acrane focus to this location give double the bonus
This draws on the essence of a place reminding it of its most placid state. It calms storms, turns back floods, abates volcanic eruptions, stills waves, prevent earthquakes and otherwise mitigates natures wraith, though the wraith is only temporally appeased.


Blood Oath, 2/hour Intervals, DC 10/20. Blood Magic
example fetish(es): an engraved steel chain
Requires bloodletting of the oath-taker. The willing oath-taker swears an oath that binds to his blood, If they ever break the oath they fall to negative 10 HP immediately, and must make a fortitude saving throw or die. While under the effect of the oath they gain +4 to will saves unrelated to the oath, and immunity to fear.

Blood Rage, 3/minute Intervals, DC 5/20. Blood Magic
example fetish(es): a used steel cattle prod
You blood the blood and mind of an individual with rage. Roll Concentration opposed by a Will Save (if opposed), if successful or unopposed the target enters a blood thirsty rage, and is driven by a need for blood, gaining +4 Strength, and -6 to intelligence and wisdom. This effect lasts for 3d6 rounds, and leave the target fatigued (-4) until they rest.

Corruption, 3/hour Intervals, DC 10/30. Blood Magic
example fetish(es): a rusted steel item that was once valuable
Requires a arcane link to the victim, the target of the ritual has their blood poisoned, this effect triggers when the caster (or their assistant) touches the victim, who then makes and fortitude save DC (10 + int mod + number of blood points spent), if they fail the save they take Xd6 constitution damage (X equals the number of blood points spent max your con mod), if they pass they feel sick and lose all reserve points.

Burn out Exhaustion, 3/minute Intervals, DC 15/30. Blood Magic
example fetish(es): steel crucible
This ritual can remove fatigue and similar conditions but at a cost. It requires the expenditure of one blood point (more for more advanced conditions such as exhausted) for the person being cleansed, they also lose all current reserve points and cannot recover them until they actually rest, the strain of this spell keeping the body draw out and supporting just enough to keep it from collapsing.

Perfect Virility/Fertility, 1/hour Interval, DC 10/10. Blood Magic
example fetish(es): a carved infants skull
The next time you mate, progeny will be conceived.

Eyes of the Dead, 2/Minute intervals, DC 12/8 “Necromancy” not quite illegal
example fetish(es): a wooden spike that has been used to kill someone
This allows the mage to see the last 30 seconds of vision that a corpse had before it passed away. Does not actually require a Spirit Token.

Imbue Dead, 1/hour interval, DC 15/(5 + 1 per additional corpse) Necromancy
example fetish(es): a funeral shroud
This allows a mage to grant energy to a corpse, or a group or corpses. This animates them, but does not give control of them to the necromancer he must establish that on his own. The type of undead created relies on the preparation of the corpse. Knowledge: Necromancy is used to prepare the corpses (The Risen, Drowners DC 10, Embalmed DC 20+ , Shades DC 15, Wraiths DC 25.

Heal the Dead, 3/minute interval, DC 5/(X or X+10) Necromancy
example fetish(es): charm made of grave offerings
This ritual grants an undead creature X reserve points where X is the number of success gathered over the DC, add 10 to the difficulty for e using this with groups, then distribute the reserve points to members of the group. This ritual will kill any surrounding plant life within X yards, and make any magic much harder to cast in the location by -X/2 for X days (this goes down by 1 a day to a minimum of -1). Necromancer’s who count themselves as dead and use this on themselves also gain an additional Necromancy tell that lasts 2d6 weeks.

Grasp of Death, 2/hour interval, DC 15/25 Necromancy
example fetish(es): bone of a dead relative
The necromancer coats his body in the energy of unlife, for all purposes he counts as undead, and may grasp the incorporeal. Any living creature that touches the necromancer takes 1d4 strength and 1d4 constitution damage a round (grappling counts). If the necromancer is caught in direct sunlight he is paralyzed (DC 25 Concentration Check each minute to ignore) and 1 nonlethal damage a minute until downed. This spell lasts until the next time the sun rises, and the caster displays at least three Necromancy tells.

Minor Rituals

Water or Blood The_Stump