Mesembria is the only city truly independent of the great houses. Rich in trade, and on the verge of becoming a great city in its own right, but it has no single ruling house, and is lead by a triumvirate of minor houses each of which want to eliminate its rivals.

The three minor houses are Cubmerlin, Tarwin, and Lewin.

Cumberlin is old Kratian blood, and controls the town watch, they have a proud history and while not as rich or affluent as their rivals they are not easily overlooked and their lord a noted Librarian has been collecting artifacts and relic for his personal museum since the Deluge. His contacts with the salvagers are extensive.

Tarwin has the best grip on the port and its money; they control the largest share in the caravans and shipping that move through this city. They have other interests but mostly this large, opulent house is focused on out-competing its rivals until they become economically insignificant, something that could occur with their current successes.

Lewin has the largest control of the local production, and manages a Finer enclave attempting to undercut some of Lithumbria’s trade. They also deal extensively with Librarians and have thrown in with some ambitious sorts using deception and arming eaters to create political change they can capitalize on.


Water or Blood Kiri