The High Forge, The Walls of the Clouds.

Just to the west of the sunken ruins of Umer on a mountainous peninsula lies the new seat of Governance in the empire. Home to great mining and smithing industry the Finers Guild makes its home here. This once small city, is now bustling with politics, money, and less savory elements that becoming the new seat of power in the empire has thrust on this city. It boasts a huge dam and canal system high in the mountains, powering mighty works, as well as having forges draw heat directly from the earth, the city is truly full of works of engineering splendor.

The new place built for the Empress Regent, sits tall on the hill and it shadow shows how much change has happened to the town, once backwater mining capital, now a metropolitan trading and political center.

Secret Army
There is an army of stone that is hidden is the walls of this high city, statues enchanted, possessed and bound with earth spirits bound to follow the orders of Jorm Lyre, High Baron, as long as he possesses the keystone. The people know nothing of this army created by secret deals between the former Empress Regent and the Finers Guild. Knowing of these soldiers only as memorials, statues, and public works of art.

The New Palace

The Lyre’s (local noble line) have made a great bid at power marring into the imperial line, and are the main force behind the conquest.

The High Baron of Lithumbria Jorm Lyre is known to be a bit of a lick-spittle and flatterer, known for ostentatious displays of wealth and finery.

Imperial Line also resides here. The Empress Regent, Mar’lai Umer, the not quite ruler for the past 25 years, and her consort is Emar Lyre, brother to Jorm Lyre have managed to hold the empire together and slowly rebuild a power base, but any small failing on their part would be catastrophic as many forces are only a hair breadth from fragmenting the empire.

The Empress Regent’s 16 year old son Var’rith Umer, The Ascendant is in place to become the next Emperor and succeed his grandfather, provided he can get coronated by the church with the red clay of his God and Ancestor Umar, and keep all (Imperial Church, Heon Separatists, Reclaimers, Delusionists, and many more) of the fragmented powers from crashing his plans.


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