List of Emperors

-47 AU to 42 Xha’Ur Umar The Red Emperor, The First Emperor

42-82 AU Or’aem Umar The Builder

82-91 AU Za’Ur Umar, The Cruel

92-112 AU Yar’Tor Umar, The Weak (killed by his own people)

113-142 AU Or’han Umar, The Fierce, known for his martial prowess

142-142 AU Xha’Ur II Umar

142-150 AU Yar’Tor II Umar, The Faithful

151-243 AU Xha’Ur III Umar, The Unlikely, The Old, The Wise

243-268 AU Or’aem II Umar, The Blessed

268-270 AU Yar’Tor III Umar

270-294 AU Yar’Tor IV Umar, The Negotiator (poisoned)

294-355 AU Karna Umar, (Unofficially remembered as The Strange, or The Mad)

355-387 AU Yar’Tor V Umar

387-401 AU Or’aem III Umar, The Just

402-434 AU Ta’Mar Umar

434-468 AU Za’Ur II Umar, The Throneless

468-Current Empress Regent Mar’lai Umer, and her son The Ascendant Var’rith Umer

List of Emperors

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