Library of Aru

The home of the Librarians the Guild that manages all mages, not under the protection of the Church or of Noble Blood, though many Nobility and Church officials that do practice Magic will train as Librarians as well

. A great repository of knowledge, not open to many outsiders. This palatial complex predates the coming of the Maar, but after some resistance, sided with them in their wars betraying their city which was raised to the ground and left never to recover. You can still see its ruin from the parapets of the Library. This defection created the first guild and a standard of magical practice.

The Library will train most students who come sponsored by a ranked Librarian, but take few un-sponsored students, though large donations have attracted sponsors in the past. They have extensive collection of magical tomes as well as foci, and specially built complexes for many kinds of spells.

They also hold in reserve many ancient magical artifacts (part of their original deal with the Maarish) some that they can use and some that are of unknown quantity. this reserve has only been marshaled twice once during the Thin-Blood Rebellion and by both sides in the Second Gethenomie Rebellion.

Library of Aru

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