All approved members wear a Mark Branded/Gilded into their face as to be always visable

The Mages guild, they are required for all practiced of the arts, provided you can pay to train with them and are willing to apprentice to one of their masters. They have long standing contracts with many groups and can be called upon in war to supply Mage Cadres for all of the _Emperor_’s Legions. There are some exemptions for mages to exist outside of this order, either by virtue of being a ranking member of the church (including the Avowed), or a noble of good standing, otherwise practicing magic without a guild membership is punishable by death.

While they do not have guild houses throughout the realm, they do have many representative members living comfortably all over mostly as paid sitting advisers for great and small Lords, who will take, and arrange for, contracts. Their only central location is the Library of Aru.

They have no single leader, they instead have ranks related to seniority, and operate on master-apprentice relations. Their known ranks are in ascending order: Unfeathered (apprentice); Quill (trained mage); Silver Quill (senior mage).

This model has led to the creation of numerous cabals, each competing with the others for influence and power. Most cabals are related to important Mages who trained a group of now senior mages and their students and apprentices. Other cabals are based around obscure schools of magic such as binding/summoning/geomancy/ or even divination (although almost all masters of this art are involved in the church).

Known Cabals

Windknives Noted Mage Assassins, with distinctive weapons and skills
Primaes Large cabal noted involvement in the Conquest, and advisers of the Empress Regent
Aru-men Involved in managing an Eater Horde, and probably more, leaders include Bestel (deceased), Alister (at large), Gamor (whereabouts unknown)


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