The Wall of the Horselords, The Demon-Forged City, Krate lies in the far North West of the empire, these once broad flat highlands have become a lowered expansive of fertile plains due to The Great Deluge, suddenly giving Krate the most bountiful farmlands in the empire. This new wealth both fiances one of the best military organizations in he realm, and the rise of a new mercantile counterculture, A home to many famous warrior brotherhoods including the famous Ironscythes After their Great Lord, Patriarch of Krate Dremold Krate, the city and its territories are managed by a counsel of swords, consisting of head of each of the cities grand Free Companies.

Krate is the largest and most fortified of the many northern town in it domains, but only marginally.

It is home to the Vault of Krate the first and largest chapterhouse of the Secutors.

The Free Companies of Krate are chapters of the Sellswords Guild, who control renting and directing armed men for a purpose in the realm, for all who are not the blood or the church.

Krate has never seen more prosperous days. They are the Realms new bread basket, have settled more refugees than any other city, and still have the largest and best trained military. Learning to care about trade is new for the city, but it is learning ans adapting slowly. The Empire may not be what it once was but Krate has never been better.

The Patriarch of Krate Dremold Krate, is an old military man, a close friend of the Silencers and of the last Emperor.


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