Gethenomie, Home to the Litch Kings, City of the Ancestors

Geth, problem child of the empire. It is the only remaining son not founded/refounded by the Empire, but instead conquered and integrated. In the North between Aru and Krate it is the dominate trade port for goods crossing the paths of the northern caravan route and southern shipping. It is a city steeped in history with monument and graveyards throughout, and while the imperial religion has made some advances the bulk of the populace still honors if not outright worships their ancestors.

It lies up the impossibly wide River of Souls that connects it to Krate’s Tear and makes it the safest deep water port in the known world. Its tall cliffs line the river and expand into towering walls with tower-monuments of colossal statues standing watch over land about the city. These are images of the cities late rulers the line of litch kings, and entities even older still. The Marish have tried numerous times to destroy them but their making is such they they cannot be unwrought.

The cliff faces and depths are riddled with warrens and tombs and the tunnel system under the city is as dangerous as it is expansive, none the less this is the most populous city in the realm by far.

It is also the home of two powerful guilds the Shipwrights and the Claimers (a guild based on salvaging). It has the most active of all the Chapter house location for the avowed order of the Silencers and is home to more undead problems than the rest of the Empire combined.

There is a strong history of Geth’s dissent from the Empire, the Ancestor Cults have never meshed well with the Imperial religion, and many still revere and fear their once ruler Jathoon, Litch King of Gethenomie. who is personally responsible for two imperial wars that kept him from retaking his seat of power in Geth.

The current ruler is: The Ancient of Geth Naath Eral, the youngest of the great lords at 23, he just had twins with his wife and is not known for being as involved with politics as much as he should be, and has left much of the ruling of Geth to his exiled friend Naath Thrane; who is the once Grand Duke of Thrane. Though in support of the imperial line he has recently left and is leading the conquest of the lands across the water to find the red clay from which all true Marr-ish people sprang, and return with it to crown the new emperor.


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