Factions of the Conquest

The Blood Dogs have already mad landfall in Lato in their stolen Veronian ship, the rest of the fleet is less than a month behind them, and the Green Door’s Group another Month past that.

Big Players

In charge of the Expedition is/was Naath Thrane the once Grand Duke of Thrane. His forces comprised over a quarter of the four thousand men that in the conquest, only around 6 to 7 hundred remain.

The Admiral of the Fleet was Lorn Sixfingers, returned early and at large with his woman, Dallia Glasseye the prime navigator and person at large.

In Charge of the Silencers is Roderick Pherylls (Admiral of the Still Waters) once commanding eight hundred men, over half of the strength of the Silencers, now with less than a hundred.

Lithumbria provided around four hundred men, who never saw battle outside of a skirmish command is granted to Grand Duke Thrane, until the fleet returns.

Krate provided provided around six hundred men The Ironsythes, they are under the command of Tytos Bar’Emmon, they took some small losses but are nearly whole.

The Librarians had nearly 100 members including many senior members lead by [[Hadeon A’Rai]] an old and grumpy man, Uncle to the current lord of Aru contender for replacing the Emperor if the Reclaimers defeat the Loyalists. There remains around 40 librarians with the fleet.

The Brotherhood’s few members of the fleet are all reported lost. The Sovenger’s few men are also leaderless at this point.

Factions of the Conquest

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