Esoteric Materials

Esoteric Materials that best bind magical energies and are thus highly prized

Breath Stone
Living Earth, that grows and changes over time. Different varieties exist, from the base type of stone they are. The Material can self repair, and is malleable under certain spells. It has connections to Growth, Healing, Strength, Earth Magic, Adaptations (Items of this material sometimes change over time), and is Often used with constructs.

Metal forged from things that fall from the heavens, Tisha’s most blessed Material. Associations with knowledge, strength, lights and elements, amplification of magic, storage of energy, and blessings.

Bloodsteel (forbidden)
There are many historic artifacts made of this, but today creation of this material is a great crime and considered sinful by the church, as it destroys the souls of those whose blood is forged into it.

Its known properties include: Regenerative Healing, Lifestealing, Mental Domination & Bindings, and Expressing Command and Authority.

Demon Blood

Bled from Demons in arcane rites, this precious consumable is often used to forge weapons and armor designed to face those same demons. It connects with the immaterial and adds a tiny fraction of the essence of creation to the item allowing it to transcend the normal limit of such items.

Black Ivory (sorrow bone)
Bones of the dead infused with magic and refined over great time. Often has properties associated with Healing, Form-changing, Protection, Spirit Magic, and Necromancy.

This material is closely watched by the Silencers who worry about its ties to necromancy.

Esoteric Materials

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