Cultures of Xha'Maar Continent

The Tolecci a violent military power from the south currently dominating the region, threatening Port Maar, and extracting tribute and people from the Krav, the !Goi, and the Petri. Their War Barges form one backbone of their undead military machine.

The Krav Mayan like jungle people, who were once known to the Empire only through rumors of dark men of the jungle, sacrificing men to beasts and practicing other dark blood magics. Now in a tenuous relationship with the imperial conquest fleet, some warfare has happened as well as some trade and aid.

The Petri unknown player, with some association with gods of stone and deep earth.

The !Goi unknown group A tribal Farming group that has sacred trees

The Empire once had an old toe hold in Xha’Maar but that having sunk all that is left is the refugee town ofPort Maar, they have been disconnected from the core of the Empire for 30+ years and were always a bit separate and backwater before then. They have a Lord Protector who rules their land land much like a great lord in the north. The guilds have fallen to obscurity, the avowed are now appointed positions on a counsel instead of orders.

Cultures of Xha'Maar Continent

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