Common Magical Weapons

Magical Weapons can never have more than a +1 enhancement bonus, and additional abilities are rare and often near legendary, though a few groups maintain knowledge of the following specific enhancements. Though each weapon is unique.

  • The most common of such wonders are:

Silencer Weapons
+1 Undead Bane (doubles enhancement against them and adds +2d6 to damage)
Tradional weapons of the Avowed Order of Still Waters (Silencers), their pattern comes from an even older source, Thrainish Priests, who have been fighting udead even longer.

Focus Weapons
+1 Weapons, Count as a Magical focus of the same bonus, each usually has an additional unique power.
Coveted by Librarians everywhere, most examples are quite ancient, best smiths today can only imitate existing copies

Demon Forged
+1 Weapons, that can strike immaterial. The force Demons to Make contested Will Saves with their Host and expel them on success. The possessed person revieves advantage on this save. Many have additional properties as well.
Mainly in the possession of the Exorcists these blades are nearly all made in Krate
also One of the few types of magical weapons still commonly made

  • Other far less common weapons

Sovenger Weapons
+1 Weapons, deals an additional 2d6 nectrotic damage (no save) to anyone with bloodpoints or wearing bloodsteel, Con Save or the recipient of the damage cannot spend blood points until the next dawn.
Once the Sovengers possessed a small arsenal of such weapons used in the second emperors wars of purging, but few of these relics remain and the knowledge of their creation is certainly lost

Bloodsport Weapons
+1 Merciful & Keen Weapons, These weapon have twice the range for critcals, and always deal non-lethal damage,.
Once common weapons for managing slaves, and fighting in bloodsports in the days before the Empire, they are now favored by the Immaculates, Daru Manhunters, and Veronian Slavers but few of these relics remain

+1 weapons, will give magical reach to their wielder at the cost of a hit die per use, Ranged versions send phantom projectiles that cannon be seen.
Traditional weapon of a secret cult of assassins, their existence is a closely guarded secret, only a handful of these relics exist and recovering them is a vital part of this assassin cult

Common Magical Weapons

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