Casting Modifiers

Bonuses From Assistants / Magical Aids / Locations:

Number of Assistants Bonus Gained
1 +2
2-5 +3
6-10 +4
11-50 +5
51-100 +6
+100 more +1 to the number before

Magical Aids
All rituals require some sore of focus, fetishes being common, and foci being rare

  • Fetishes: Simple Trinkets and Blessed Objects related to the particular spell you are casting (DC 20 + (DC of the spell to cast) Spellcraft to craft, may do in intervals, interval depends of spells interval, Mins → Days; Hours → Weeks; Days → Months) Casting Bonus -4 (pitiful quality -10 DC), -2 (poor quality -5 DC), 0 (average quality) to +2 (good quality + 10 DC), and +4 (exceptional quality +20 DC)a particular spell, these are always somewhat fragile and any botch on a spell (even if rerolled) results in a degradation on one tier
  • Foci: Blessed Artifacts, Potent Enchanted Focus Items, Rare Casting Bonus +1 or +2 to all checks of a particular spell, but will never suffer from degradation like a fetish. Some other these can even be modified to hold a different spell than the one they were built for.
  • Arcane Links: Recent sample of target’s Blood/Hair/Skin/Image/Relative/Important object tied to them Casting Bonus +1 for each (some spells already require this)
  • Fetishes and Focuses do not stack, instead take the greater bonus and apply that.
Special Locations Bonus Gained
Purified Space Immobile, no one but the caster and assistants ever enter the space, Takes a month and DC 10 Knowledge: Arcane +4
Holy Space Church or shrine associated with the casters beliefs or traditions +4
Ritual Chamber An elaborate engraved arcane mandala or similar set up in a room, must be designed to a particular caster at great expense and built to suit them, otherwise the bonus is halved +10
  • location bonuses may stack


Problem Additional Penalties
Each Ritual Active on the caster -2(stacks)
Weather or Environment unsuitable for spell -2 to -10
Presence of undead (unless you have necromancy) -4
Injured not at full HP (unless you have Blood Magic) -4
Any caster present not participating in the ritual -1/stacks
Suppression Warding -10 or more

Casting Modifiers

Water or Blood The_Stump