Blood Dogs

Fighting Order formed by Ur’run Stone, aka Redmark, now becoming a restored Avowed Order, of the God Watch.

The band is made of survivors of Redmark’s Za’maar scouting group accrued mercenaries as well as new recruits gathered in Lithumbria now make up this dangerous band.

The Band is currently disbanded it’s survivors training to become the new God’s Watch, that some Call the Blood Dragons.

There are only 8 survivors from the south, out of the nearly eight hundred that served in this short lived company.

Notable survivors are:

  • Soloman The former priest, now Emperor
  • Candor A mysterious blood mage, who runs Lithumbria as a Hand of the Emperor
  • Ur’run Stone/Redmark, the Mortal Sword of Umar, on a quest to free his god
  • Nethe A blood mage, assassin, and companion of Redmark
  • Srg Lazea A huge woman with captured Nawatl, who runs the new school in lithumbria with her iron fist
    *Thad A Mercenary from the southern fleet, now an adept Blood Dragon
  • Joelar & Ireick, Twin Southerners (both Maarish plague survivors), training to be Blood Dragons

The sworn foes of the blood dogs are the Tolecci, and the Foes of their high god Umar.

Blood Dogs

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