Aru on the Lake

The Floating City,

The Oldest son of Umar, Aru lies far to the North East. it is a center for learning and religious pilgrimages, especially today with the rise of Chor’a’Rai and the fall of the great god Umar. Near to the south lies the ancient Library of Aru home of the Librarians guild; an ancient arcane order learned in all sorts of history, magic, and knowledge predating the empire itself. The city is built on the lake and the southern shore is littered with ruins of the city the Anu once was, a place sacked during the formative days of the empire, the only remaining parts of this ruin still used are the campus and grounds of the Great Library of Anu whose resistance stalled the empire until treaties where made.

Anu is home to the high priest of Chor’a’Rai and a hot bed for the Reclaimer movement. The A’Rai (ruling family) stand to a gain great deal should they back it, they could even become the new imperial line, but is it worth the risk?

The current ruler is: Lord Protector of Anu Gormon A’Rai, Possible sympathizer with the Reclaimer sect, and known for his great cunning.

Aru on the Lake

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