Acquired Templates

See list for half elemental and similar templates

Avowed Orders:

All orders take a Divine Blessing swearing to uphold their order’s purpose and remain remain true to their order and faith. Each order also swears itself to a God and gain a specific blessing from that arrangement, a person can rarely be sworn to multiple gods.

Divine Blessing, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. Church Only
This blessing ritual often given by the church, grants a semi-permanent enchantment until broken by other magic. The target of this ritual, gains the ability to reroll 1 check per day. Regain 1d6 +cha mod in reserve points when you pray once per day. This enchantment requires a specific vow to the church granting it, and breaks if the vow is violated in any way (even if against the characters will) They vow must impose large meaningful restrictions on the way the character lives his/her life.

*Silencers: *
Always concerned with the undead menace, the silencers take some precautions including Guardian of the Door and ancient Thrainish ritual that keeps them from becoming that which they face.

Guardian of the Door, 2/Day intervals, DC 10/15. Silencer (and Thrainish Death Cultists)
This blessing ritual given by the Order of still waters, and once received by thranish death priests making it so that anytime the blessed does not stabilize on a fortitude save while below zero hit points and would die the blessed one instead ceases to exist and turns to dust immediately passing through the green door and joining Thranor’s guardians there after keeping those who have passed through his door quiet for all time


They have special training and rituals and the secrets of giving to and sharing in Chor’a’Rai’s bounty.

Chor’a’Rai’s Gifts, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. Sovenger/ Delusionists/ Some Librarian Cabals
This Ritual swears its avowed to duality and the wave wardens mysteries, the avowed gets a + 1 to all rolls when is view of open water, either an ocean, lake, or river. In return Chor’a’Rai asks for the bequethment of some secret or valuable to the keeping of the depths each full moon, once per moon you may pray and ask the waters for a boon, DC 15 +, and if your need is suitable as judged by the god such a gift may drift ashore.


They have special training and rituals but no long term blessings outside the standard.

Heono’s Favor, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. Some Immaculates/ Many Priests
This Ritual grants the avowed gets a one reroll of a natural 1 when they are in view of the sun, or an open flame once per day; This advantage cannot be used anytime you are lying or deceiving with your action. Your vision can never be impaired by bright light, one of your eyes develops a cataract in the shape of a golden gavel, you loose sight in that eye, but Heono gains the sight from that eye that will from now one act with a will of its own.

God’s Watch:

Many special secret blessings are presumably lost with the fall of the order in the deluge.

Umar’s Chosen, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. God’s Watch Only
This Ritual adopts the avowed into the ranks of the chosen people and granting them the effects of Old Maarish Blood, the ability to learn Blood Magic without a teacher, and granting then d8’s with blood magic instead of d6s. At least one human sacrifice must be offered for this ritual, as well as the recipient swearing to sacrifice a person to Umar at least once a month

Other Blessings

Sanguine Will, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. Some God’s Watch, Royal Line of Krate, Champions of Krate
This Ritual grant the blessing of violence and allows for you to roll two dice and take the better, once each combat. In return the supplicant swears that they will follow any call to Battle that Kraton gives, these often come in dreams, daydreams, vision and become increasingly persistent until fulfilled
Makers Markings, 3/Day intervals, DC 10/45. _Some God’s Watch, Finers Guild _
This Ritual swears its avowed to understand what make things exceptional, any such blessed by take any normal item and know how to modify it (often in an action or two) to become a a functionally masterwork item for the next use(s) until that next task is done. Tisha also supports your effort to create and make, during any act of creation when you roll a natural 1, instead of failure, you end up possessed by a spark of the goddess that creates through you a masterwork beyond what you intended, and often with special properties. The blessed promises in return that they will honor Tisha by never destroying anything of great artistry

Acquired Templates

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