Water or Blood

Journal Entry DK 22, 488 AU -- Roderick Phyrells

Excerpt from the Journal of Roderick Phyrells:

DK 22, 488 AU (see Calendar)

“It has been just over month since we have set sail, and the sea has been uneventful so far, considering the significance of the forthcoming events. In the high council meeting Lady Gonna Thrane informed the council of a strange vision, the faces of giants staring up from the sea depths. The Lord Archivist Relem, as any good Sovenger, went directly to his books to consult his world of secrets. After many hours, and most of my work later, he returns speaking children tales of sea giants and human sacrifices. That is when the crow’s nest yelled about dancing lights underneath the waves. I ordered all the men to arms across the armada, and prepared for combat with the ‘sea giants’. Much to my surprise, many of the men could see giants playing with the lights over the side of the boats and I feared that Relem may have been correct. That is when the water started to bubble and foam, arising from the waves was a crowned face easily the height of the masts and wide as one of vessels. The face spoke to us in language that Lord Archivist could understand. I prepared the men for a fight if the Lord Relem angered the monster. After a short time the creature went back to the depths of the water, and we were informed by Relem that the creatures granted us safe passage and assistance in accordance with the old agreements. A storm began, with strong winds driving us towards our destination. That was the sign that I have been waiting these long days to see, and grant promise to our journey. Lets us hope that these storms assist more than they damage us and that Krate protects this journey.”

— Roderick Phyrells, Lord Admiral of the Still Waters



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