Water or Blood

Journal Entry DK 23, 488 AU

Excerpt from the journal of Roderick Phyrells:

“First contact with the Port Maar was not what I had expected. The town was under the effects of a plague, it appears that it might be the yellow plague. The Lord Protector Shinar Calldoon had heard no news of what had happened on the Day the God’s Cried, and somewhat surprisingly the events that unfolded on Xha’Maar that same day. I dedicated some of my men towards the quarantine and burning of corpses in Port Maar. Just past sundown the sounds of drums could be heard coming across the water. The native tribesman had sent an army of undead against us. The fighting was fierce and many good men were lost that evening. Among the foes were a strange form of unfleshed, that appeared to be made of some crystalline bone structure and strange runic inscriptions on the bronze armor. Come the end we had lost the Vigilant and almost half their crew. May their souls belong to Thrane and their names have been recorded for the Silencer records.”

Lord Admiral of the Still Water, Roderick Phyrells.



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